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About the Artist

This is me

Hello! My name is Laura Kruger and I am a graphic designer getting my BFA in Graphic Communications at Kennesaw State University. Currently, I work as a server at Mellow Mushroom. I love serving because it allows me to meet new people! However, I would love to start my career in the graphic design feild as soon as I can. I have a deep passion for the arts in all forms, particularly visual arts.


Aside from my graphic work, I enjoy traditional oil painting and printmaking. I focus on themes of spirituality, metaphysics, and fantasy. I highly value the relationship humanity has with the earth and I hope to help the world be more conscious about the ways they consume. I feel that we currently live in a very unsustainable, wasteful, and toxic way and I hope to fix this through better branding and marketing of everyday items.


Aside from my artistic endeavors, I enjoy journaling, camping, and meditating to electronic music. I know, that may sound a bit strange. Meditation is supposed to be relaxing and electronic music is very loud. However, it makes a lot of sense if you’ve learned how to forget yourself and become the rhythm. The more intricate the rhythm is, the easier it is to become immersed in it. This level of immersion is my goal with all of my art. I want those who come across it to forget where they are for a moment, so they can remember something more important. We are in this together and we must remain conscious of the impacts we make.

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