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Graphic Design Work

These are my graphic design works including everything from publication design, poster design, menu design, web design, and more!

fantasy book mockup light copy.png

Souls of Faewire

Souls of Faewire is a book that showcases my latest body of printmaking work. The series follows themes of transcendence through imagery of seraphim angels and shamanism. The images in the series can be viewed in greater detail under the Printmaking tab.

Patchwork Soap

Patchwork Soap is a conceptual brand of soap I created featuring bright colors and fun patterns. The branding is meant to appeal to free spirited individuals who care about participating in sustainable initiatives.

bag mockups-01.jpg

Honeysuckle Bakery Coffee

This series of coffee bags was designed for Honeysuckle Biscuits and Bakery in Downtown Kennesaw. I invented three flavors of coffee and created accompanying logo design and branding for the coffee. These are whole bean packages. 


Frequencies is a trade book I designed to showcase some of my favorite artworks, ranging from graphic work to traditional works. The book details who I am as an artist and what inspired me to become a designer.

frequencies web.png
seraphina invitation mockup scattered-01.png

Seraphina Invitation

These invitations are to a fictional event called Seraphina. Seraphina is an art exhibition that would be intended to showcase my paintings in an art festival setting. This project was an exploration in designing on an irregularly shaped canvas.

Poetic Posters

This poster design is intended to display a poem I wrote in an artful way. There is a second poem hidden in this graphic! To find it, read only the blue words. 

poster web.png
mycelium (0;00;26;14).tif

The Magic of Mycelium

The Magic of Mycelium is a short informational animation that details the characteristics of mycelial networks and how they assist trees in communicating throughout the forest. Click the link to watch!

Fae and Folly

Fae and Folly is a concept I invented and designed a homepage for. It is a studio and absinthe bar where patrons would come and enjoy a cocktail and paint together!


Fae and Folly Absinthe

This is the brand of absinthe that accompanies the concept I created for the Fae and Folly Experience. This is the logo design for the brand, featuring silver lettering and fairy wings.

Poppi Soda Advertisement

I created a short animated advertisement for Poppi Probiotic Soda. It features the most popular phrases, as well as brand catchphrases and key points.

poppi ad (0;00;13;15) copy.jpg
tin lizzys menu mockup.png

Tin Lizzy's Menu

I redesigned the menu for Tin Lizzy's Taqueria and Cantina. I thought their menu design could be more fun and colorful to better match the vibe of the restaurant itself.

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