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Patchwork Soap

Here, you can take a closer look at the soap box designs I created for Patchwork Soap. This creative product is a trio of three soap scents and their accompanying box designs, as well as a larger container with a sliding drawer to advertise the three scents as a series that can be bought together.

photographic views_Page_2.jpg
photographic views_Page_2.jpg

Eye Catching Patterns for Every Flavor

Creating patterns is a big part of what I do! I thrive when working with saturated colors or earthy tones. The goal is always to create something that encourages a feeling of comfort and familiarity while remaining fresh and exciting at the same time. For these soap flavors, I started by creating all back designs, and then creating colored versions of them that I could work into images for the front of each flavor. For the other surfaces, I created abstracted versions of each design.

Final Dielines

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